Lancashire Cardiac Centre Implements Strata PathWays to connect with Blackpool Trust

Lancashire Cardiac Centre Implements Strata PathWays to Connect with Blackpool Trust

We are pleased to welcome the Lancashire Cardiac Centre to the Strata Health roster. The cardiac centre is now integrated with 5 of 6 District General Hospitals, ensuring the Trust has more accessible communication and patient tracking abilities.

(June 2021) Blackpool Trust set out to improve inefficiencies within their system and is now part of the Strata Pathways™ system. With Lancashire Cardiac Centre coming on, 5 of 6 District General Hospitals are now live. Moving into the Pathways system allows LCC to communicate efficiently with the rest of the DGH’s in the Blackpool Trust.

The system eliminates confusion around what has been referred In, when and where from, we have the clarity of information including location, status, progress and outcome. Working with one system which includes mandatory data sets saves time and improves the patient experience. Clinicians can even plan their staffing around this clear view of pending workload.” Lancashire Cardiac Centre

Before implementing the Strata Pathways™ software, the referral system caused issues for both healthcare teams and patients despite best efforts. It required constant upkeep and there was insufficient oversight of patient flow. Patient care status was often left unknown, putting strain on our nurses and causing a considerable delay for patient referrals. Information about patients was often missing and required constant updating from the hospital staff.

To combat this, LCC is linked with the rest of the hospitals in the Blackpool Trust. This ensures that information is passed quickly from hospital to hospital, and accurate information is passed so that patients can get the high level of care LCC provides.

The benefits of this system to both care providers and patients include:

  • Reliable access to services across Blackpool Trust Hospitals,
  • Improved patient flow pathways,
  • Consistent patient records for referrals,
  • Improved access to patient records for reporting and auditing,
  • Consistency in information sharing across hospital teams, and
  • Better patient scheduling and referrals.

Strata Health UK is pleased to be working with healthcare stakeholders to improve their systems and ensure better experiences for both patient and care providers.

About Lancashire Cardiac Centre 

Far more than a title, being a Centre of Excellence the Lancashire Cardiac Centre offers patients the very latest in diagnostics, treatments and surgical techniques in an impressive purpose built facility designed with patient focus at the forefront.

Maintaining their status as a centre for excellence in cardiology requires continuous training, education and clinical practice being constantly being reviewed and revised through audits, education and delivering cutting edge treatments to serve patients across the Lancashire and South Cumbria area.

The Centre is at the forefront of cardiology, investing in new technology and new types of procedures. Examples of Lancashire Cardiac Centre cutting edge procedures are: Port-access Mitral valve replacement, endovascular vein harvesting, ventricular assist devices and percutaneous aortic valve replacement.

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