Security & Privacy

Strata Health’s platforms are built
to be secure from the ground up

We Take Security Seriously. Always

These are the Tent Poles we Live By:

ISO 27001:2013 Standard

ISO 27001 is the globally recognized standard for information security management and organizations that are certified to this standard have shown that they adhered to the principles laid out by this standard and continue to operate a Information Security
Management System.
Strata Health is audited and certified to this standard on an annual basis. You can download and view our current certificate here

Privacy - It's not Just a Buzzword to us

Protecting personal data is at the centre of our products

NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit
(Formerly IGSoC)

The NHS in the UK created an Information Governance standard called the Data
Security and Protection Toolkit which is an online system which allows NHS
organizations and partners to assess themselves against Department of Health
Information Governance policies and standards.
Strata Health is committed to meeting this new standard and in in process of converting from our March 2018 IGSoC compliance (Status of Compliance can be found at this linkto meeting this new standard.

Quality Management - Why we believe in it

We have always prided ourselves on our customer service and ensuring that our customers are happy, so we decided to implement a Quality Management System (QMS) to backup this belief. What can our customers expect from our QMS:

ISO 9001:2015 Standard

ISO 9001 is the globally recognized standard for quality management and companiesthat are certified to this standard have demonstrated that the quality is considered in allareas of the companies management and that a company has committed to continuouslyreview and the management processes.

Stata Health is audited and certified to this standard on an annual basis.You can download our current certificate here.


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